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Nintendo wants low price for Wii U

Nintendo is aiming for a low price for its Wii U next-generation console that it expects will leave consumers “pleasantly surprised.”

Nintendo is aiming for a low price for its Wii U next-generation console that it expects will leave consumers “pleasantly surprised.”

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America, told IGN that “unlike our competitors when they've launched historical systems to maybe start at a really high price and work their way down, we don't believe in that. We want to launch at a price that's going to represent an ongoing great value.”
He compared the company's plan to that of the Wii, which stayed at a $250 price tag for a long time. He said Nintendo wants to launch at a price it can sustain over a significant period. “I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised, if you will, about the way we're managing the value equation," he added.
He does not believe competing products will affect Nintendo's business model, either. "We don't look at what other people are doing; we step back and say, 'What would be fun? What would be unique? What would be different?'” He expects gamers to get the Wii U for Mario, Zelda and other Nintendo franchises, as well as the multiplatform games from third-party developers, suggesting there is no need for an additional game system.
Exactly what the price will be is under wraps for now, but Nintendo has likely learned from the poor initial sales of the 3DS, when it cut the price from $250 to $169.99 just a few months after launch. Nintendo will want to avoid a repeat scenario by pricing the Wii U as low as possible to begin with in order to achieve the “mass market product” the company is aiming for.
There is some potential that the Wii U could be priced at $250 or maybe even less. The hardware, while significantly better than the Wii, is not exactly top of the range by today's standards, so it won't cost Nintendo an arm and a leg, and thus won't bump up prices unnecessarily. The system could come with just the new controller, relying on the fact that many people will already have one or two Wiimotes from their existing Wii system. Nintendo will probably also market a bundle for completely new customers. The “barebones” approach will keep costs down and make the Wii U very attractive for lower budgets and even hardcore gamers who plan to eventually buy an Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4.
Source: GamesIndustry

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