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Nintendo to offer Wii U development tools for free in hopes of bolstering its lackluster games library

Iwata Wii U

Nintendo has recently announced that it will soon begin offering the Wii U software development tools for free in Japan as well as overseas; a move that gives devs the resources they need to create titles for the system, thus leading to the possibility of introducing more titles to the Wii U’s scanty gaming library.

Up until now the dev tools were only available to development studios who purchased them, and this shift may irk the devs who paid the fee while others will be able to access the software free of charge.

This transition marks a shifting point for Nintendo and potentially opens up new doors in the way of independent game support, and it may lead to a period of growth for the Wii U’s under-populated library of games. Nintendo explains that their goal is to bring new and “innovative games not tied to existing ideas” to the Wii U, as the lack of games has certainly contributed to the console’s deficient sales figures and poor critical reception.

Wii U Dev Tools

As more devs and publishers drop their plans to bring games to the Wii U, Nintendo will have to find creative ways to make up for the loss of content as well as offer incentives for publishers and developers to bring their games to the Wii U. Nintendo is currently working on a performance boost update for the console as well, which aims at improving various system parameters and earn new acclaim with both consumers and game developers.

While gamers across the world will always have a soft spot for Nintendo’s iconic characters and franchises, it seems that the company’s current trend of re-releasing sequel-after-sequel isn’t enough to save the failing console.

Wii U

In any case, it will certainly be interesting to see what new games are crafted for the Wii U in the way of original indies especially with the rise of indie games as a whole. It’s refreshing to see Nintendo execute this sort of plan which can benefit both developers and the company itself by introducing a potential new stream of gaming content to the Wii U.

The upcoming performance boost update–which has been delayed to October–and the free dev software looks like a move in the right direction for Nintendo, but they still have their work cut out for them in order to compete with the two next-gen contenders.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about Nintendo’s plans in the future, yet these new strategies may not be enough to save the Wii U when the PS4 and Xbox One are released later this year.

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