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Nintendo is having another tough year

Nintendo's sales are down, and while the handheld 3DS is continuing to sell well, the WiiU is seeing a substantial decrease in units shipped.

While the 3DS continues to sell well, the same cannot be said for Nintendo's home console, the WiiU. Nintendo's profits for the WiiU are at half of the company's predictions, and this is despite Nintendo reducing its profit estimates. Since the launch of the WiiU, 3.45 million units have been sold, but the sales have slowed substantially, with only 390,000 units sold since December.

Nintendo's grim-looking finances


The company's net sales are down as well, by 1.9% over last year (though they're still at a massive 635 billion yen). Despite these troubling figures, Nintendo has managed to turn a profit. Its overall income last year was a 40 billion yen loss, and it has managed to turn that into a 7 billion yen profit. Over the coming year, Nintendo hopes to increase this number to 10 billion with new hardware sales, pushing the 3DS to more foreign markets and by “proactively releasing key Nintendo titles”. However, with the looming approach of the Playstation 4 and Microsoft's next-gen console, one must wonder if that strategy will be enough to accomplish Nintendo's goals.

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