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Nintendo assures users that no data was lost from recent attack

If news about Sony having its data centres attacked and compromised by hackers was not enough to get gamers wondering about the integrity of the online services provided by console makers, the latest information about Nintendo getting its own share of the hacker fiasco recently probably would. However, things may not be all that bad over at Nintendo, for the company is claiming that no sensitive information has been lost as a result of the attack.

If you are an owner of a Nintendo-branded video game console and are worried about whether any private data has been stolen from the Japanese console maker's data centres as a result of the recent attack made against it, now would probably be a good time to take a deep breath, calm down and assure yourself that your data is safe in  Nintendo's hands. This is because Nintendo has confirmed in a statement made yesterday that no sensitive information has been compromised in the attack, and that the only data that the hackers have managed to make off with was nothing more than its server configuration file.

According to various online sources, a hacker group known as LulzSec, which has found itself making headlines all over the world after having successfully hacked into a variety of high-profile websites such as Sony's and Infragard Atlanta's, which is a non-profit organization belonging to the FBI, has claimed responsibility for the attack against Nintendo. However, the group claims that it was never its intention to harm Nintendo, as it reportedly "likes Nintendo too much to cause any real damage".

Instead, all the group did was to post the information found in Nintendo's configuration file online, while leaving a note on Twitter claiming that it hopes Nintendo would correct the flaw, an action which the Japanese company has since done. Looks like Nintendo can thank its lucky stars that it got away unscathed from this attack after all.

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