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Nintendo 3DS getting e-book reader from major publisher

Many wonders await those bold enough to make their way to the Land of the Rising Sun.  Once anchored down in this mystical place, travelers can play with miniature robo-astronauts, catch pocket monsters, and eat delectable raw seafood dishes.  Can it get better?  Yes, yes it can.


Soon, children young and old within Japan, will be able to use their Nintendo 3DS to read e-books from Dai Nippon, a major Japanese print company.  Dai Nippon recently announced that they plan on focusing their effort into delivering e-books to Japanese 3DS owners via a free software.  The e-books will of course be a bit cheaper than their printed counterparts, and the software itself will drop towards the end of this year.

Even as sale of Nintendo’s Wii U game console has slumped in the past few months since Microsoft and Sony officially announced the Xbox One and PS4, the company’s 3DS handheld is still very popular—especially amongst young children.  Clearly, the Nintendo farm is still in business if a major publisher like Dai Nippon is willing to invest in developing products for a Nintendo toy.

Will Nintendo see this as a signal to develop a cool tablet for gaming and other practical purposes—like reading e-books?

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