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Nikon Coolpix S4000 Review

Focusing & Shooting

Autofocus Mode

Autofocusing on the camera can be done between single-shot autofocus (AF), which locks in when the shutter is pressed halfway and maintains that setting, and full-time autofocus, which continues to adjust the focus setting until the photo is taken.

There is no manual control over the AF area although there is a face detection mode which can find up to 12 individuals.

Types of AF
The touchscreen also have a quick access to the type of autofocus –

1. Touch Shutter – As the name implies, a very normal shooting method. tapping the touch screen will focus and shoot, the shutter button will work as well.

2. Subject Tracking – A mode which by touching an subject will activate the focus locked on the subject. The focus will lock onto the object even when it moves. Quite handy feature and it works pretty well.

3. AF AE – This function works to use the touchscreen to select the area of focus, holding the shutter halfway down will do the locking of focus and exposure. Shooting will only commence when the shutter is fully pressed.

Continuous Shooting

Apart from the single shot, the S4000 is also capable of continuous shooting, a BSS (Best Shot Selector) mode where the camera will take 10 shots and choose the best shot from it. Lastly, it is a Multi-shot 16 where the camera takes 16 shots at about 30 frames per second and arrange them in a single image file – very much like a gallery.

Macro Mode Shooting

The S4000 comes with a Macro shooting mode which can be activated on-screen with a on/off.

Self-Timer Mode

Timer option.

10 econds, 2 seconds and Off. Nothing fanciful here.


Playback, where you can check the shots and videos taken

goes well with the touchscreen, drag left and right to check out the shots

some quick retouch options are available too

Nikon has really packed some lovely retouch features into S4000 digital camera to touch-up some pictures within the camera itself.

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