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NHN Japan releases new version of LINE

NHN Japan has just released the newest version of its popular free instant messaging application for smart phones.

In the newest version they have simplified the registration process. You can set which friends' activity appears on your timeline, receive notification of new chat messages, and they have made some changes to the group chats, too.

In previous versions any member of a group chat session could invite or delete another member, but who did the inviting or deleting was never displayed. Now in the newest version you can see clearly who invites who and who's kicking who out.

The explanation of what the service includes, along with the privacy settings, has been significantly simplified. You can actually finish reading everything above “agree” in a reasonable amount of time, and change your preferences for allowing the app to add new friends with a simple tick box.

Which friends you get displayed on your timeline is similarly easy to set. In your settings you can select display or do not display. It's not permanent and it's easy to change. Also when you're in a screen other than chats, with the new version you'll be updated of any new messages, including from users who aren't your friends.

On top of all this, the new version for Android has also received a makeover. The display has been redesigned so it's easier to use and more secure.  All said and done, it still has all the fun stickers you loved before.

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