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Next Xbox to interact with your standard cable box

Microsoft is betting big on the next Xbox.  The new console is being reported to have the ability to take over your TV much like Google TV.

Reports on the next Xbox are revealing that it will operate by grabbing your standard cable box signals and pass them through the console via an HDML.  The Xbox would then overlay additional features to your TV channels.

This next-generation Xbox is supposedly going to be in direct competition with Google TV but it will offer more features from Microsoft's dealings with reaching out to other content providers.

Microsoft's new Kinect sensor will have the ability to detect people in the room and even watch for eye movement and allow it to pause play, much like many new smartphones will have.

Just 3 days ago on April 8, Microsoft announced at their official blog site that were selling their Mediaroom to Ericsson.  This sale is apparently a way for the software giant to focus more on the evolution of the Xbox and its new concept with cloud-based TV.

With the sale of Mediaroom, Microsoft is dedicating all TV resources to Xbox in a continued mission to make it the premium entertainment service that delivers all the games and entertainment consumers want – whether on a console, phone, PC or tablet,” Microsoft writes on their blog. “…with 76 million Xbox 360 consoles around the world with 46 million Xbox LIVE members, it is a mission that gets us out of bed in the morning.”

According to The Verge website more details on the new Xbox will be revealed on May 21st when Microsoft will be conducting its unveiling.  Originally they had the event planned for the end of April but pushed it back to May, however, there was not any word on why it was postponed. 

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