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Next up for Google – the Google Airport

Not happy with being the main force behind online advertising, Google has branched out into all kinds of different areas and now it looks like they are adding a new business to their portfolio – a Google Airport.

It sure seems that Google isn't happy unless it is finding new types of businesses to get involved in. From online advertising to self-driving cars to being an ISP, the company is always on the move and now it seems that Google wants to take their brand to altogether new heights.

According to a report from Slashgear, the company that Larry and Sergey built is going to be getting into the airport business with their own branded airport in San Jose. This isn't some wild rumor either as the officials of the current San Jose airport are urging city officials to okay the deal.

If approved by the city, primarily the council's Airport Competitiveness Committee, the Google owned Blue City Holdings (the company that runs the Google fleet of aircraft), and Signature Aviation would fund an $82 million dollar facility on land that is currently a parking lot.

At the moment, Google has a set of planes that are owned and operated by the company (housed at the Moffat Federal Airfield) and are used for private Google flights that ferry around Google CEOs and their buddies. This deal would have Signature Aviation and Blue City Holdings using the area for 'at least 50 years', which is unusual given that typical airport leases run for 20 to 30 years.

The final proposal will be seen by the San Jose city council, and its Airport Competitiveness Committee later this month.  However, this will only be the first step in a series of reviews the proposal will have to go through. It is hoped by the parties involved that the reviews will be completed in time for a full city council vote this spring.

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