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Next Generation Computing Experience Forum comes to Singapore

Together with the AMD 16-core Interlagos server platform launch, VR Media (parent company of VR-Zone) is co-organising a technical forum together with A-STAR A*CRC on the next generation high performance computing this coming Tuesday, as well as an enthusiast dinner gathering focused on the new product offerings. Here are the highlights…

In the first of a series of our technical events with A*CRC, we focus on the technology updates in the high performance computing field, including the architecture of large machines used in supercomputing. The new processors, system designs and interconnects integrating thousands of small modules into large combinations are one area. The other one is heterogeneous computing, where combining CPUs, GPUs and other accelerators together creates new challenges in software, especially parallel programming, to squeeze the most out of the underlying hardware potential.

Top speakers from A*CRC, AMD, HP will be on hand to unveil new strategies, platforms and products, and your favourite VR-Zone team will be there to cover. The event is held at Biopolis, Matrix Building, Exploration theatre, from 9 am to 4 pm. 

Nebojsa Novakovic
In the spare time over the past two decades, editor and writer of high-end computer hardware and design features and analysis for European and US media and analyst houses. Reviews of high end hardware are my specialty for 28 years already.

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