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Next generation 15 inch MacBook Pro benchmarks surface, dedicated GPU not picked up

New Geekbench results of what apparently is the next generation 15 inch MacBook Pro codenamed “AAPLJ35,1” have surfaced online, it isn’t clear at this moment whether this is the Retina or non-Retina model.


Just last month we saw similar benchmarks results showing up online, that particular machine was said to be the next generation 13 inch MacBook Pro. Apple recently refreshed its entire MacBook Air line with Haswell processors, and it is believed that the Pro lineup will be similarly refreshed as well. Both benchmarks of these purported machines show Haswell processors that offer a significant gain in battery life as well as performance.

The machine mentioned in this particular benchmark has the Core i7-4950HQ 2.4GHz quadcore haswell processor coupled with 16GB of RAM.  Geekbench gives it a score of 12497. The chip in question comes with Intel’s premium Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics solution, which, according to Intel, offers 2-2.5x more performance as compared to the HD Graphics 4000 on current generation Retina Macbook Pro.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro has almost always come with a dedicated GPU, however with Intel’s integrated graphics solution getting beefier, it remains to seen whether Apple stills opts for a dedicated GPU in future MacBook Pro models. The information collected by Geekbench does not see a dedicated GPU in addition to Iris 5200. Primate Labs’ believes that it is possible Geekbench failed to pick up the GPU, but their testing of the software indicates that even if the GPU is turned off during benchmarking, Geekbench is able to pick it up. The updated MacBook Pro line is expected to release this fall.

Source: [Macrumors]

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