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New Virus Publishes Victim’s Browsing History And Extorts Cash

News from online web sources have reported a new virus has been going around, targeting users of file-sharing service, Winni, and posting users’ web browsing history in public. But that’s not all. The virus will prompt its victim to pay up or face “violation laws” in his or her country.

Originated in Japan, a new virus known as Kenzero is targeting users of a file-sharing service called Winni, which claims about 200 million users.

When Winni customers use the site to download illegal copies of games in the adult, animated “hentai” genre, their PCs become infected with the Kenzero virus, which makes a copy of their Web-browsing history and posts it online, where it is visible to the public. The Kenzero virus appears on Winni as a standard game installer, deceiving its victims.

Anyone who’s downloading illegal hentai games — which feature extremely graphic (and conceivably illegal in the U.S.) sex acts — probably does not want his browsing history published to the world.

After infection and the publication of the Web history, the victim is then held for ransom, and a pop-up note or email demands a relatively small financial payment (about US$16) from the user in order to “settle your violation of copyright law.” The BBC reports that a similar extortion attack targets European users, demanding much higher fees of $400, which is termed a “pretrial settlement.”

Source: Yahoo!

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