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New technology boosts projected images beyond 4K

I-cubed Research Center Inc. has developed a new technology that allows the projection of very clear images in full detail that is well beyond the 4K resolution.

I-cubed Research Center Inc. has announced on February 25, 2012 that they have just developed a new kind of projection imaging technology that has the potential to surpass the quality of 4K resolution images. Named as the Intelligent Spectacle Vision Creation (ISVC), it enhances detail that is "embedded" within the image using an array of different imaging techniques, with the resulting image considerably a lot clearer and crisper than what could have been accomplished by conventional HD imaging techniques.

As seen on the from the two sample images shown here, the projected image was capable of intensifying the level of detail that would have otherwise been impossible or at least challenging even for a 4K screen. Details and background elements such as rocks and foliage are displayed at a superbly high level of detail. In fact, I-cubed Research Center Inc. even boasts that the technology is still capable of displaying images with such high level of quality even if the screen size goes larger than 150 inches.

Technical details surrounding the ISVC technology is yet to be revealed or even publicly announced. However, the research center aims on making the technology commercially available as early as next year, and they have already started negotiating with tech and electronics manufacturers to adopt their ISVC technology.

Source: Asahi News (JP)

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