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New “Scroogled” ad from Microsoft leaks, parodies Chrome ad

A new video that has been shared internally at Microsoft has found its way onto the internet.  It's another 'Scroogled' commercial that parodies Google's own recent Chrome advertisements.

Microsoft and Google still seem to be entwined in an endless war for both mobile and desktop domination and Microsoft has held little back in their ‘Scroogled’ commercials. The ads are meant to bash Google in various ways, but this one differs in that it's actually a parody of one of Google’s more recent advertisements for Chrome. It features the same music and the same animations, but carries a different message that claims that Google is only interested in getting all your information to create targeted ads and profit off of you.

As the Verge notes, this comes just one day after Google CEO Larry Page spoke out against the negativity in the tech space, and how they’re always being pitted against other companies.  Page spoke on how everyone should focus on making good products rather than on vitriol toward other companies. Although Larry Page says he finds things like this uninteresting, I’m sure many will get a kick out of it. It’s also just one more video in what will probably be a long list of them when this whole “war” is said and done.

Hopefully no one takes the commercial down, considering it was “leaked” and only being spread internally within Microsoft.  Have a look below.

Via: The Verge

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