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New Samsung “Design 3.0” in the works

SamMobile reports that a very important meeting was held at Samsung HQ in Seoul, Korea. The meeting revolved around one key topic, Samsung’s new design strategy codenamed “Design 3.0”.

Samsung Galaxy S4 design

A high-level excutives filled room at Samsung HQ held a meeting. The topic for discussion? Samsung’s new design strategy for its future products. SamMobile analysed the name “Design 3.0” and reached a conclusion (that we also believe to be true) that all Samsung devices before the Galaxy S III fell under “Design 1.0”, while the Galaxy S III, S4, Note II all fall under the new “Design 2.0” that people have come to hate love live-with. Seeing how people are tired of seeing another new Galaxy-branded device launching every week carrying the exact same design (Samsung believes in making near identical clones with slightly differentiated specifications), a new “Design 3.0” could not have come at a better time.

“During the conference, new ideas on current design trend in the electronics market and strategies were exchanged,” Yoon said. “Everyone at the meeting agreed that consumers should be able to identify Samsung products easily.”

“Design 3.0,” Samsung Electronics’ new design strategy, focuses not only on external beauty and technical practicality of new products, but also about creating positive values and connecting with consumers, the company said.

While certainly good news, don’t expect to see products based on any new design until next year. Perhaps Samsung will finally fix its build quality issues with their Galaxy S5. Sadly, the upcoming Galaxy Note III will be based on the same “Design 2.0”, expect it to be a larger S4 (that’s the blunt truth fellas!).

Source: The Korean Herald via Android Beat

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