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Rumor: Microsoft may implement a virtual marketplace that allows buying & selling of used digital games

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A new unconfirmed rumor has surfaced in the gaming community–one that has gained quite a bit of momentum–that centers on a unique marketplace structure wherein users can buy and sell their Xbox One games to other gamers in a virtualized market environment.

The speculation follows a recent thread on NeoGAF that highlights a supposedly leaked survey which may hint that Microsoft is thinking about implementing the idea. The post outlines various unconfirmed aspects of the marketplace, including the ability of Xbox One owners to pre-order games through the marketplace as well as sell or trade-in digital games–a somewhat unheard of concept in today’s digital age.

Below is a selection of the NeoGAF post that touches upon some of the things that users may be able to do in the rumored marketplace:

New digital marketplace where you can purchase and sell digital video games:

-This will be available through the systems’ premium subscription service (such as Xbox Live Gold/Playstation Plus)

-You will have the ability to purchase and sell pre-owned digital video games.

-You will have the ability to sell back/trade in your versions of digital games you have purchased.

-You will have the ability to buy pre-owned digital versions of games through the online marketplace.

-You will have a variety of prices and features available to purchase for pre-owned digital versions of games.

-All transactions will take place via digital downloads/transfers within your next generation gaming system’s digital store.

-New full game digital downloads will still be available, as will physical (disc) versions sold at retail stores/websites.

-Pre-owned disc versions of games will be able to be played on the next generation gaming system for free.

-There will be a marketplace service fee charged to the seller when they sell a digital version of a game.

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Although the concept remains an unconfirmed rumor, it has gained considerable popularity in the gaming community and many gamers are proponents of this “games resale marketplace”. If it were to be implemented properly, Microsoft could potentially have a one-up against Sony–however the marketplace may have to be filled with restrictions and fees to work properly.

In any case, while the idea has been looked upon with favor from Xbox One supporters, Microsoft has yet to speak out upon the claim and thus it must remain a rumor.

It would be interesting to see something like this being launched for either console, however it would likely cause various issues with developers and publishers unless there were extra fees tacked on–and the red tape for these kinds of practices might take some time to establish.

Be sure to check out the full post on NeoGAF for more information, and we may hear Microsoft respond if this resale marketplace idea gains enough momentum.


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