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New report confirms 12.9-inch iPad Pro with close to UHD resolution is in production

A usually reliable Korean publication is the latest source to peg early next year as the ETA for Apple’s jumbo-sized iPad, claiming to have received inside information on a production start for 12.9-inch Retina displays.


Citing an anonymous “official at a local Apple supplier”, The Korea Times avoids naming the Apple partner that’s purportedly kicked ginormous panel making into gear, but hints at it being LG, describing the company as a “local first-tier display supplier”.

Aside from the screen size of this imminent iPad Pro (or Maxi), all other specs and features are covered in a thick cloak of mystery. Well, the resolution is being hinted at as well, only the intel gathered so far is much too thin and vague to paint even a half-clear picture.

Namely, we know Apple intends to “improve picture quality” (you don’t say?), with a resolution boost bringing the 12.9-incher “almost” to ultra high-definition (UHD) quality.


Notice that the “almost” is the keyword there, as the latest and proudest member of the iPad family, the 9.7-inch Air, sports 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, whereas UHD turf starts somewhere around the 3,840 x 2,160 mark. Pretty massive gap and there’s no telling where exactly is Cupertino planning to stop.

As many other reports have suggested over the past few months, Apple’s move towards bigger tablets will come not only driven by the belief that mobile is the future of computing. Samsung is said to play a central role in the equation, with a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note in the pipeline and likely to debut either at January’s CES or February’s MWC.

The biggest Galaxy Note ever is not directly confirmed by Korea Times and its sources in this latest report, yet the publication says it’s heard whispers of Samsung Display working on OLEDs sized between 10 and 13 inches. Oh, it’s on now. Or at least will be soon enough. Still, the question remains: is there a market for gargantuan slates like the iPad Pro and GNote 12.2? You tell us.

Sources: Korea Times, Unwired View

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