Get an exclusive, high-budget first-person shooter, a Kinect-like camera, and a second DualShock controller with this new PS4 bundle for the same price as Xbox One. More details after the jump.

PlayStation 4 Killzone camera bundle

If the vanilla $399 / €399 Sony PlayStation 4 + Dualshock bundle sounded a wee bit too simple for you, Amazon France has published the sales page for a new €499 bundle that includes a copy of hotly anticipated first person shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall, a second DualShock controller, and a camera. Sony has not officially announced it yet, but Amazon has an excellent track record of prematurely putting up unannounced products on sale so we think this is as good as official, really.

The same bundle is expected to cost £429 in the UK. As EuroGamer rightly notes, you save a good £70 if you buy the bundle instead of purchasing everything separately. It’s good to see Sony coming up with money-saving bundles, but I am still waiting it out for the PS4 + PS Vita bundle that’s rumored to cost $549 / €549 / £429.

Source: Amazon France via EuroGamer