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New patch for Path of Exile ushers in second open beta phase with new content

Path of Exile

With Path of Exile (PoE) Grinding Gear Games has made quite a name for itself in the realm of free-to-play indie MMORPG’s, and the game has received considerable acclaim throughout the gaming community for its use of intuitive game mechanics and anti-DRM sensibilities.

While Path of Exile is still in its open beta stage–and has been for quite some time–Grinding Gear is preparing a massive content update with Patch 0.11.0 that will “herald the second phase of the Open Beta”.

The patch will unroll in just two days on June 5th and will add an expansive variety of features to the popular free-to-play MMO, including new leagues, bountiful loot, a one-use full passive reset for players, in-game challenges and even substantial game-wide re-balances.

The new leagues introduced by Patch 0.11.0 include Anarchy and Onslaught, offering new challenges for players.
The new leagues introduced by Patch 0.11.0 include Anarchy and Onslaught, offering new challenges for players.

Grinding Gear has released a forum post on the game’s community forum that introduces players to the changes and listing of any and all changes that the update will introduce.

Below you can find a few of the changes that Patch 0.11.0 will bring to the game:

  • Four-month Onslaught and Anarchy Leagues – These leagues are one of the most prominent new features in PoE, and pit players against randomly generated exiles that use the same gear and skills that are available to players. Onslaught is for gamers who found PoE’s hardcore mode to be too easy, and offers a distinctly difficult experience for extreme gamers.
  • New Base Items and Uniques – Certain items will not be able to drop in the new leagues, but to balance this, Grinding Gear has introduced league-specific items that can only drop in either league. Certain unique items have also been removed, adding considerable challenge to the leagues and changing up the game’s economy.
  • Challenges – GGG has been asked continually for an achievement system, and the devs are on their way to that goal with an experimental challenge system that tracks progress of various in-game goals. The challenges will be quite difficult for each league, and giving players applicable boasting rights. GGG has also revealed that gamers who complete all challenges by October 8th will receive a PoE t-shirt.
  • Substantial Rebalance – Several parts of the game have been re-balanced, with reduced monster damage in certain areas and applicable changes to various skills and abilities. GGG will be increasing the physical damage nodes considerably as well as the overall effectiveness of armor and other skills.
  • One-off Full Passive Reset – Gamers will be given a single-use button to re-assign all of their passive skills, which is extremely useful and gives players the opportunity to re-think their characters or try out a new build.
  • New Currency Item: Eternal Orb – GGG will be adding a new extremely rare high-tier item to the game called an Eternal Orb that offers some considerable crafting options. “When you use an Eternal Orb on an item, it stores the properties of the item in an Imprint which you can later apply to the original item, retrieving the saved properties.”
  • Item Allocation Options – New allocation options allow party leaders to assign new parameters as to how items drop in the game. The new options include a Free for All mode, a Short Allocation mode that keeps the current default setting of party drops, and Permanent Allocation which gives drops to a random nearby player.
  • Optional Mini Life Bars – Patch 0.11.0 will offer the chance to toggle between miniature life bars for enemies that are presented on-screen right above the enemy’s head. This can be helpful, but GGG was concerned about battlefield clutter, and allowed the option to be toggled on or off.
Grinding Gear will add a new extremely rare high-tier item called the Eternal Orb that will integrate itself into the game's virtual economy.
The new extremely rare high-tier Eternal Orb will not only offer resources in crafting, but will be a valuable introduction to the game’s virtual economy.

Grinding Gear Games had this to say about Patch 0.11.0’s deployment schedule:

“We’ll be deploying 0.11.0 on Wednesday, June 5 (NZ time).

Anarchy and Onslaught leagues will start at 1pm on Saturday, June 8 (NZ time) and will run until October 8.

Remember, the changes mentioned in this article are not the full patch notes! There are many other improvements to read about in a few days when we post the final 0.11.0 patch notes.”

Be sure to head on over to the official Patch 0.11.0 forum post for full information on the update as well as the reaction from the PoE community.

Path of Exile is currently available via the game’s official website, and offers an expansive MMORPG experience akin to such action RPG franchise as Torchlight and Diablo.

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