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New Multifunction Wi-Fi Router, ASUS RT-N13U

ASUS RT-N13U Wi-Fi Router

The RT-N13U is the latest addition to ASUS line of network routers that boasts features including 300Mbps, FTP server, managing printers and scanners, and even works as a mobile wireless router when you plugged in your HSDPA USB dongle.

Taipei, Taiwan, April 15, 2010 – The ASUS RT-N13U Wi-Fi router claims multiple functions for home entertainment, productivity and social networking, with user-friendly features and added value.

Users can easily set up their broadband connection, hook up printers and scanners to several PCs, and quickly manage files with the FTP server feature, all on one single platform. The included EZ UI cuts the mystery and drama out of setting up a wireless network. All it takes are a few simple steps, and anyone can go online and get working fast. There’s no disc install, as this wireless router is entirely plug and connect.

The RT-N13U boasts a whopping 300Mbps, much more than run of the mill routers. Plus, it comes with EZ Bandwidth Prioritization, an intelligent interface to optimize connections for a lag-free environment. Whether streaming media, browsing, gaming or all of the above at the same time, RT-N13U ensures optimum connection.

User-selectable presets cater to different needs, adjusting router performance to accommodate usage and eliminate latency for a smooth, frustration-free experience that’s highly suited to multitasking. Compact and versatile, the RT-N13U fits perfectly with the available HSDPA 3G USB dongle, turning it instantly into a mobile wireless router.

Smart Downloading Made Smarter
Download Master is a feature of the RT-N13U that allows downloads to a USB storage device connected to the router even after the PC is turned off. An image of the file being downloaded is created as it’s requested right on the RT-N13U’s on-board storage space, which is then transferred to external storage without a PC.

The RT-N13U is also a portable access point (AP), as well as a broadband repeater. These three modes can be switched at the touch of a button, no messy software interface option changes required. The router automatically goes into the appropriate configuration once a mode is selected.

Source: ASUS

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