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New Microsoft ad goes after Galaxy S4 pricing

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Microsoft has released a new ad that attacks the off-contract pricing for the Galaxy S4.  It offers better things you can do with that money, which include a new phone and laptop.

Microsoft has been releasing a lot of advertisements that have been knocking all their competition for various things.  They didn’t shy away from parodying a Google ad to say that they invade your privacy, they also parodied an Apple ad to say that the iPad can’t do certain things that Windows tablets can do, and that it’s more expensive.

They’re back at it again, this time going after Samsung and the Galaxy S4. The message here is that the price for a Galaxy S4 (off-contract) is way too high, and there are better things you can do with the money. Check out the ad below.

There you have it.  You can either buy a Galaxy S4 off-contract for $750 or you can buy a Nokia Lumia 521 Windows Phone, 16GB Micro SD card, 3-month subscription to Xbox Music, some Monster earbuds, and lastly, a Asus VivoBook X202E touchscreen notebook that runs Windows 8. All of this with a few dollars to spare.

Of course not many people at all will end up paying the full price for the S4, also the S4 is a lot more powerful than the Lumia 521 in various ways, but since when do advertisements have to be fair. I wonder who they’ll go after next.

Source: Windows Phone Youtube Via: Neowin

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