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New MacBook Air Wi-Fi issues being investigated by Apple

Apple is now reportedly investigating the Wi-Fi issues that are plaguing its 2013 MacBook Air that touts support for latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard.


These new MacBook Air models were unveiled at WWDC 2013, and even started shipping that day. Devoid of any design changes, Apple’s new laptops bring Intel Haswell processors, better battery life and support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Soon after customers started picking up these new machines, many were reporting that their new laptops were facing Wi-Fi issues. Some 2013 MacBook Air models have the tendency to unexpectedly and repeatedly drop Wi-Fi connection, the issue is said to persist on both 11 inch and 13 inch models.

While Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of this issue, a purported leaked memo claims that Apple Geniuses and Advisors should “capture” these new models if a customer brings them in to get it checked for this issue. These models would then be sent to Apple, where they would try to figure out what is exactly causing these Wi-fi related issues. It is believed that a software fix can handle it, but a thorough examination will be required by the company to ascertain that there’s no problem with the internal hardware itself.

Some customers have also reported that they have been offered replacement units by Apple Stores when they took in their new MacBook Airs. All of this points to the fact that Apple is indeed working on this issue and that it should have a fix or an explanation for us in the days to come.

Source: [9to5Mac]

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