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New line of UMPC offerings from Asus in 5,7 and 9 inch flavors

Asus will be rolling out three new UMPCs in sizes of 5.6, 7 and 9 inch to cater to consumers with different needs. These UMPCs will be positioned away from the Asus EEEPC line, and will promise better specifications and performance compared to the Triple E, with features like built-in GPS, biometric identification and HSDPA connectivity.

Mini is Mighty

The ASUS R50 ultra slim and light PC simply does more. Being the smallest and lightest 5.6” UMPC, the streamlined form factor houses an extensive range of communication features, including built-in GPS, TV tuner and 3.5G high-speed connectivity. Together with a fingerprint scanner and a solid-state hard disc, the stylish R50 is all you need to take when you travel.
The ASUS R70 is the corporate warrior’s stealth fighter! Measuring a mere 7 inches across, the R70 is a full-featured computer with touch screen and then some. Featuring built-in GPS and 3.5G high-speed Internet access, navigation is now with new real-time positioning power that ensures you’re never lost – even off the roads! Together with a collective host of communication tools, including a built-in a webcam and fingerprint data protection, the ultra portable R70 is the empowered executive’s necessary companion.
Tailor-Made for Extreme Performance
The ASUS C90 series is designed to cater to a growing trend of users who want to combine mobile computing with top-of-the-line performance. With easy accessibility to key components, users can upgrade, repair or replace them with ease – providing options for future technologies. These key components are also supported by major computing companies – making it easy for the C90 to be configured to the user’s individual requirements.

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