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New iPad Possibly Delayed due to A10x Chip Production

The manufacturers in charge of producing Apple’s A10x chips may have had some troubles lately. The end result would be Apple’s iPad Pro 2 being delayed, beyond their expected launch date in March.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company known as TSMC, is in charge of the development of these 10nm chips. However, according to a report by DigiTimes, the company was not able to build that many chips at once. What’s worse is that TSMC aren’t even scheduled to start production of these A10Xs till March, 2017 with further unsatisfactory yields for the factory’s 10nm process which could potentially could disrupt the schedule before it has even begun. 

However, this doesn’t mean that Apple’s iPads will definitely be delayed because Apple could always source its chips from other manufacturers if TSMC doesn’t live up to its expectations.

Furthermore, although we expect the iPad to be available in Spring 2017, it never officially went on record to say that the iPads will be available by March. Hence, delaying the launch by a month or two may not mean that much to Apple. Nevertheless, I’m sure all of us want our iPad Pro 2 as soon as possible, and at the same time, Apple might want to keep an eye out on this situation so that it avoids a similar ruckus when it is time for the iPhone 8’s production to begin.

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