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New image of HTC’s Bliss smartphone for ladies surface online

Remember the news we posted some time back about HTC reportedly planning to release a smartphone that has been specially designed to appeal to ladies? Well, it turns out that such a phone will indeed be making its way out onto retail shelves eventually, for a leaked Blurrycam image which claims to be the first ever photograph of the actual device has started making its way around the depths of cyberspace.

Remember the short story we posted a couple of months back about HTC reportedly planning to release a new Android-powered smartphone that would supposedly be designed exclusively for the ladies, and that it would most likely be known as the HTC Bliss? As it turns out, the source for our original story was right on the money with its claim, for it seesm that there will indeed be a HTC Bliss smartphone for the market in time. And there is no better way to confirm the existance of such a smartphone than to have what appears to be a leaked blurrycam image of the device circulating online, as shown below.

According to the report posted by PocketNow, the Bliss "is set to see a Verizon release", although it has offered no additional details as to when this release may take place. However, what we do know is that the Bliss will come bundled with a number of colour-matched accessories, and that apparently includes the unique "companion cube" strap attachment which automatically lights up when the Bliss receives, or engages in a phone call.

Source: PocketNow

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