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All New HTC One swings by FCC, gets new teasers as formal intro draws near

In anticipation of HTC’s All New One announcement on March 25, the handheld previously known as M8 has cleared all regulatory hurdles, also having a few specifics teased in a couple of fresh photos and a video clip.

All New HTC One teaser

The HTC All New One buzz-boosting juggernaut chugs along, undeterred by unforeseen spills of information, as the mobile device manufacturer continues to trickle out vague promotional material.

Adding to the hype, no less than six slightly divergent versions of the soon to launch Android have made their way to the FCC, scoring certification for all four major US carriers and certain European and Asian networks.

The six support 4G LTE speeds on various bands, which make them perfect for AT&T (model NM80P6B120), Verizon (NM80P6B200), Sprint (NM80P6B700), T-Mobile (NM80P6B160), and Eurasia (NM80P6B100). The last one, codenamed NM80P6B130, carries LTE on bands 4 and 17, so it could land on a number of smaller stateside wireless providers.

Moving on, the second installment in the “Technical Translations” video series uses heavy metal music to confirm the All New One will sport an all-aluminum exterior with improved… something. The actual revisions and upgrades are of course censored, though leaked pics and clips don’t suggest a drastic aesthetic overhaul.

But at least a microSD card slot is in the cards, as well as dual rear-facing cameras. While we’re on the imaging subject, let’s mention HTC is fully aware of how little mystery surrounds it, so a photo collage on Facebook spells out the new arrangement for us, thanks to an easily decipherable message that reads “Life will get twice as beautiful on March 25th.”

Finally, as if the first “Technical Translations” teaser wasn’t evidence enough, a London billboard makes it perfectly clear HTC One’s sequel will be called “The all new HTC One”. I still don’t think that’s a brilliant idea, but hey, we have far more important things to worry about than branding.

You know, like timing compared to Samsung Galaxy S5’s release, “modest” Full HD display resolution, and quite possibly, a humble CPU/RAM combo too: Snapdragon 801 + 2 GB.

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