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New Halo announced for Xbox One [new trailer]

Microsoft had to come out swinging today and they put their best player at bat. Starting off with a small trailer for a beloved franchise.

Microsoft and 343 were content on teasing the audience until the final reveal. A lone figure walks across the desert plains.  The wind whips up sand and dust into the man’s cloak. He continues to struggle against the natural elements. He looks before him towards a bright light and a beautiful sky. Suddenly, the earth gives way underneath him and it’s stunning. The ground cracks and trembles before revealing a massive ship. The cloaked figure watches as it heads up into the heavens and he pulls something from underneath his cloak. He holds a pair of dog-tags in his hand as he looks towards the ship. The space craft shudders a massive gust of wind revealing, the one and only Master Chief. This is it. This is Halo.


Yes, Xbox One will have a Halo again. Not a massive surprise, but definitely glad they’re continuing on with the series, especially after the fanfare their previous iteration received. The game will be an Xbox One exclusive and will run at 60 frames per second, as confirmed by 343’s General Manager Bonnie Ross.

via IGN

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