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New footage from Star Wars: First Assault leaked

New leaked footage for LucasArt's downloadable shooter Star Wars: First Assault has recently been leaked, however the game has yet to be officially announced and may never be released…even though it's almost finished.

New footage for LucasArts's distressed shooter Star Wars: First Assault has been leaked onto the internet, giving gamers a closer look at the unannounced downloadable Star Wars shooter. 

With First Assault, LucasArts has planned to bring the traditional multiplayer FPS elements of games like Call of Duty and Battlefield into the Star Wars universe, with distinct sci-fi elements and the incorporation of traditional themes and characters from the franchise.

LucasArts also reveals that Star Wars: First Assault is a "predecessor" of Battlefront III and that it was meant to release this spring as a downloadable release.

There's just one problem: Disney's recent acquisition of the company has put all game development on hold, and although First Assault is almost finished, we many never see it officially released.

Although the footage is of an early build of First Assault and the game in its current state may be quite different, it appears to be the only bona fide in-game footage available.

(Screenshot via Kotaku)

One source had the following to say about the footage:

"The trailer contains all in-game footage, including known bugs and incomplete art," said a source. "In the time since it was made, many improvements have been made in performance, completeness, and quality."

The footage also displays both first-person and third-person action, indicating a mix between familiar elements from Star Wars: Battlefront and those of the FPS genre. Gamers can also see a glimpse of the abilities and weapons featured in Star Wars: First Assault, along with vehicles and virtual battlegrounds.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the game, and if Star Wars: First Assault gets released in the next few months–or if it all. It certainly would be interesting to take part in a high-tech war in the fan-favorite franchise; however gamers may have to wait before Disney figures out what to do with the myriad Star Wars properties.

Via Kotaku

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