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New Double Fine kickstarter has launched!


Double Fine, the company behind one of the most successful Kickstarter games, is opening a new crowd funding project for PC, Linux and Mac.

Double Fine’s next game is called Massive Chalice, a tactical fantasy strategy game coming to PC, Mac and Linux. The game takes place across multiple generations as the player takes on the role of an immortal king or queen who must defend their land from evil and help grow heroes’ bloodlines. Double Fine’s Brad Muir envisions it as a cross between XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics.


The game’s heroes will eventually fall, just like they can in XCOM, and their deaths are permanent. However, they leave relics behind which can be used by other members of their bloodline and will grant that hero some of the fallen one’s power.  Players will also face the tough choice of whether to keep fighting with their hero until their demise, or if they want to retire them first, so they can help raise a family of new heroes.

The game will borrow concepts from the rougelike genre, where content is randomized and modular. Double Fine is aiming for re-playability. The kingdom, bloodlines, heroes and challenges will vary with each play-through.

Double Fine has set a $725,000 goal on their Kickstarter campaign. As of yet, there aren’t any stretch goals, but the developer promises to expand the scope of the game if they pass the minimum goal.

Via GameInformer

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