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New DLC for BioShock: Infinite features at least 10 new achievements

A list of achievement placeholders for the first of three upcoming DLC's for BioShock: Infinite has been spotted on Steam, revealing that the first content pack will contain at least ten new achievements.

Like many AAA games of this generation, BioShock: Infinite is set to receive a range of DLC add-ons to expand the game's story and add a variety of new achievements to build up that precious pool of gamerscore.

Upon the game's release, Irrational Games revealed that three DLC's will be introduced for BioShock: Infinite, each of which will feature content like new characters, stories, weapons, and abilities to the game itself, further enhancing the experience as a whole.

BioShock: Infinite's first DLC pack has yet to be officially announced, yet a list of achievement placeholders has recently been spotted on Steam, revealing that the add-on will feature at least ten new achievements to unlock. The achievements don't have any descriptions or names yet, and the list is titled "DLCA Achievement 1-10" which suggests that they are all for the same title.

No actual information regarding the add-on has been unveiled thus far–such as pricing or details concerning the new additions–but we'll most likely hear something in the next few weeks or so.

season pass for BioShock: Infinite is currently available for all platforms of the game, offering a one-off purchase that guarantees access to all DLC's when they're subsequently released. The season pass retails for $19.99 and offers a discounted price for the game's upcoming three add-ons.

It will definitely be interesting to see which direction that Irrational goes with the upcoming DLC, and what new plot elements they introduce in the add-on. The game's ending doesn't necessarily offer much room for expanding upon, but Irrational's flair for creatively blending dynamic story arcs with original concepts ensures that they're probably preparing something special…something that gamers most likely won't want to miss.

We're also eager to see what new weaponry is added to the game via the DLC's–maybe a fancy new Skyhook, or some fiendishly lethal firearm that compliments a brand new vigor to decimate even the heartiest of foes.

Maybe the new weapons and powers will help with the game's punishingly hard 1999 mode as well.

If you're new to the series or on the fence about BioShock: Infinite, be sure to check out our official review on game to see what we thought of Irrational's latest chapter in the critically acclaimed franchise.

BioShock: Infinite and its season pass are now available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. For more information please visit the game's official website.

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