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Become a legend with this new batch of ‘Destiny’ screenshots

Eight new screens have been released for Destiny, Bungie’s highly anticipated new FPS/RPG hybrid.

The three character classes of Destiny (from left to right: Hunter, Warlock and Titan) pose for an intergalactic Kodak moment.

A new batch of screenshots for Bungie’s epic open-world shooter Destiny have been spotted on PlayStation’s official Tumblr, giving gamers a tantalizing look at in-game visuals.

The fresh gallery consists of eight screens that touch upon everything from stylish displays of character classes, HUD highlights, enemy intros and even a few impressive vistas from faraway worlds.

With Destiny, the creators of the landmark Halo franchise continue to flex their sci-fi muscles while delving into the realm of MMO interaction–a bold step for the team. In essence, Destiny contains just about everything gamers experienced in the early Halo games while adding in the expansive free-roam elements found in MMO’s, making for quite a dynamic combination with incredible potential.

Teamwork is paramount when tackling heavily armored adversaries, and co-operation remains one of the foundations of Destiny’s gameplay.

Last month Bungie divulged the decisions that led up to Destiny‘s creation, discussing the kinds of things players will encounter in the game. Bungie’s Tyson Greene revealed that Destiny is reliant upon commitment and investment, and that gamers will have plenty of opportunities to make choices and distinguish themselves.

Coupled with the randomly-generated global events and encounters, the co-operative MMO elements have a huge impact across the general framework of the game. Frenetic FPS action and competitive gametypes make up the other half of gameplay, making for a truly engaging and unique experience.

Overall the game is shaping up to be one of the major releases of 2014, and remains one of the highest-profile titles for Activision’s annual catalog.

Bungie’s newest MMOFPS features a myriad of alien baddies, some of which look pretty familiar…

While some critics of Destiny may have a good point with their argument that the game is just another space-marine vs. aliens shooter, the MMO mechanics–social interactions, co-operative team-based gametypes, weapon trading/sharing, loot farming–add in a fresh wave of potential and vitality to gameplay even if the premise (a dire struggle against a seemingly indomitable alien foe) does seem overused.

A beta for Destiny is scheduled later this year, which will serve Bungie with invaluable feedback and network testing. You can still secure access by pre-ordering the game, and PlayStation owners will get first dibs on the beta with Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners coming shortly thereafter.

Destiny is scheduled for a multi-platform release on Sept. 9, 2014 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. For more information be sure to check out the game’s official website.

Via PlayStation Tumblr

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