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New Apple patent hints at touch enabled bezels for future devices

Apple has been awarded a new patent regarding a technology that would allow future devices’ bezels to have the ability to register touch input. 


This new technology may very well be implemented in future Apple products. For long we have heard rumors about Apple looking towards making bezels much more useful. Currently the bezels on its devices help users to hold on to the device, minimizing the risk of inadvertent screen taps. The technology detailed in this new detail would allow the device to selectively activate or deactivate the bezel based on how the user is holding the device.

The idea here is to make bezels more useful, they may be used for touch controls or even for blending in with the content that’s being displayed on the screen. Sensors will play a huge role in this, the system will sense when the user is close to touching the bezel or when the user is actually touching the bezel. Based on that, the sensor system will generate a signal that will operate a controller to adjust the action of the bezel. This technology can be useful particularly in future iPads, as they have big bezels. It could also benefit the much rumored Apple “iWatch” smartwatch that we’ve been hearing about, effectively allowing the device to be controlled through the bezel.

Not every patented technology is brought to life, that much we know for certain. So one can’t really put a finger on when Apple devices with this technology will hit the market.

Source: [iClarified]

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