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New Apple iPhone to pack twice the number of pixels as the iPhone 5

Rumor has it that Apple will introduce their next-generation iPhone 5S at WDDC this June. A fresh rumor suggests that the new iPhone might pack as many as twice the number of pixels as the previous iPhone (5).

Chinese blog WeiPhone reports something that made all our heads turn. According to the blog, the next iPhone by Apple will allegedly pack twice the number of pixels as the current iPhone 5. If my mathematical skills haven’t failed me, that turns out to be a staggering 1.5 million pixels, double of the 730,000 pixels that reside on the display of the iPhone 5.

Apple had already introduced a new design and a higher screen resolution with their iPhone 5. That the firm will go for an even higher pixel count only tells us one thing, the company is facing the heat from 1080p displays with the insane 441 ppi pixel density that they carry (with a swagger). If you’re in for some simple mathematics and considering that the iPhone 5S too packs a 4 inch display, the pixel density would jump from the already high (retina qualified) 326 ppi in the iPhone 5 to about 460 ppi in the iPhone 5S (sorry Apple, the HTC One is still ahead of you). Now we really do hope that the firm considers increasing the screen size as well as resolution. A 4.3 inch iPhone would remain compact and also cater to those with fat thumbs, and so far the trend set by Samsung shows that people simply love big (huge) displays on phones.

Concept art like these dream of a 4.2 inch display wrapped in the same dimensions.

If Apple does manage to score enough stock of Sharp’s new IGZO displays; not only would they have new ultra-high resolution panels, but the new displays would actually consume much lower power (thanks to IGZO). New rumors, more excitement… sigh, June 10th can’t come soon enough.

Source: WeiPhone via Cult Of Mac

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