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New and updated Lian Li PC7A+!

The new version of Lian-Li casing (PC-7A+) was spotted at Sim Lim Square, with a few improvements as well.

Lian-li PC7A+, one of the most popular budget casing series for enthusiasts, has improved on its design in this new version.

The updated PC7A (Silver) from it’s front view. notice that new grill like design.

An upclose view of the new grill. Since the newer design would use a single 120mm fan (instead of 2X 80mm fan), the grill vent had merged from 2 smaller ones, to a larger one.

The top vent for additional fan is now included!

The front intake fan. 120mm, and rated at 0.24A. A fairly powerful fan.

The new rear fan mesh. Instead of the older stamped grill design, they decided to do a through cut, and added a mesh instead. better airflow when done this way.

The final shot of the internal of this case.

This budget PC7A+ is selling at a SRP of SGD$ 135 for the Silver version, and $ 145 for the black version. Available at most good Sim Lim Square retailers.

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