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New ad from Microsoft uses Siri to attack the iPad

Microsoft has released an ad that attacks Apple's pricing for the iPad as well as its lack of productivity features. The advertisement even features Siri herself (it's a her, right?).

Lately Microsoft has been extra combative with their ads that have mocked Google and spoken ill of Apple.  Well that trend isn’t stopping any time soon: Microsoft has just released an ad that parodies Apple’s own commercials, even going as far as featuring Siri in it. Microsoft is attacking the high price of the iPad as well as the lack of productivity-related features and applications.  Check out the ad below.

Of course, the advertisement is a bit disingenuous considering one of the major criticisms lobbed at Microsoft’s Surface is the high price, so it’s amusing to see them attacking Apple for it.  Also they deliberately compared their price to a 64GB version of the iPad, which is obviously one of the more expensive models available.

It’s all in good fun in the end; nobody expects Microsoft to show the iPad at a lower price or showoff some of its better aspects in its own commercials. Siri robotically states that the iPad is unable to do the things the Surface is doing in the video, like snapping apps to one side or using powerpoint.

It’s expected that Microsoft’s advertising will only become stronger and more present as time goes on, considering the fact that they claim they have a billion dollars set aside for the marketing of Windows 8 once version 8.1 is ready for the world. If this is a sign of things to come, we might see the re-introduction of Mac and PC wars.

Via: The Verge

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