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New 3D glasses from Sanwa claims universal compatibility with most 3D-capable TV sets…supposedly

Now this has got to be interesting. After all that hoo-ha about 3D active shutter glasses being tied to the particular 3DTV model that they are bundled with, it appears that a Japanese company known as Sanwa has finally managed to produce the glasses many have been waiting for: one that is compatible with a wide range of 3D television sets manufactured by major electronics powerhouses. Or is it?

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Most 3D-capable television sets in the market today currently have one major restriction, and it comes in the form of the 3D glasses that are tied to a particular 3DTV model or brand, and thus cannot be used on any other television sets. While this limitation might not interfere with one’s media experience in the early years of owning a 3DTV, it will undoubtedly come back to haunt owners when the time comes to replace such a television set, only to find out that the entire set of 3D glasses bought previously no longer work with the new TV.

Of course, consumers could always opt to wait for the next generation of 3D-capable television sets which do not require the use of such glasses. However, chances are those who have already hoped onto the 3D bandwagon will want to find ways to make the most out of their purchase, 3D glasses and all. Fortunately for such users, it appears that a solution is at hand: a Japanese electronics company known as Sanwa has just announced the availability of a new set of 3D glasses are supposedly compatible with most 3DTV sets produced by leading manufacturers.

According to Sanwa, the key to its new 400-3DGS001 3D glasses’ compatibility with multiple television sets lies in a special receptor located at its bridge. This receptor, when activated, will attempt to recognize the unique 3D infrared signal produced by each television set and adjust the active shutters on the glasses to synchronize with signal being emitted. In theory, this means that the 400-3DGS001 3D glasses can be used with just about any 3DTV in the market today, as long as the infrared sensor is capable of matching its shutter frequency to the signal emitted by the former.


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