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Neutral Box turns tiny closets into storage warehouses

KingJim Japan’s Neutral Box allows you to store and keep away items while conveniently archiving the contents on your mobile device.


Proper handling and sorting of boxed packages can be quite a hassle. Completely arranging them would even most likely take a good chunk of your precious time.

KingJim’s Neutral Box solves this hassle, by giving you a simple storage warehouse inventory system. Neutral Box simply bridges the small gap between organization and classification, with the option to organize your items digitally (on a database) using a smartphone app. While arranging boxes and sorting them usually just requires easy-to-understand written labels, exactly finding a single specific item still requires rummaging through the boxes themselves. Each Neutral Box has a digital tag, which is used by the similarly named Digital Tag app. Opening the app promptly lets the user scan or input the identification code of a specific Neutral Box to know its exact contents.

Aside from classifying the contents of a Neutral Box, the digital tag also acts as the inventory slot for the items you stored inside. This option, in addition to a standard checkbox list, helps in organizing several Neutral Box units containing similar types of items, for that corporate warehouse-like feel right at your own home.

In Japan, the Neutral Box is priced at a value that is equivalent to $7 for small, $8 for medium, $10 for large, and $13 for extra large-sized boxes. The Digital Tag app though is free to download at each mobile device’s respective app stores/markets.

Source: MyNavi (JP), Kingjim (JP)

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