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The Centria accepts both regular height and low profile 3.5" SATA hard drives.The drive is locked into place by a plastic lever and suspended by sheet metal springs.

Just like the Netgear R6300, opening up the R6300 was similar. First by removing the two screws on the bottom stand followed by another two screws and releasing the plastic clips on the sides and top of the router.


A Delta blower fan ensures the internal hard drive is kept cooled during operation. The fan remains silent even when the drive was under load.



The key components are highlighted in the colored boxes for easy orientation.

Main CPU : Applied Micro APM82181 (1GHz RISC)

Flash : Hynix H27U1GBF2BTR 128MB MLC NAND

Memory : 2 x Nanya NT5TU64M16GG-AC DDR2 128MB (256MB)

Ethernet switch : Atheros AR8327N (Gigabit switching fabric with 802.3az support)

USB3.0 Host Controller : Renasas D720202

PCIe Expansion Switch : IDT 89HPES4T4


2.4 GHz radio : Atheros AR9381

5 GHz radio : Atheros AR9380

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