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Configuration is done using the clean web interface which offers a quick start wizard. The wizard  guides you through setting up the ReadyNAS Duo shares, user and workgroup accounts as well as scheduling backups.

The Advanced Control mode shows all of the settings available in the Setup Wizard including Security, selecting services for share access, volume management and managing shares, scheduling backups and setting up printers.

In the User and Group Accounts security mode, the Accounts tab screen allows you to manage user and group accounts. Only the user name field is required for user and group account management. However, the user e-mail address should be entered if you intend to set up disk quotas. This allows users to receive an e-mail when the disk usage approaches the quota limit.

If you have a large number of users, you can easily upload a CSV (Comma Separated Value) formatted file containing the user account information. The format of the file looks like this:


There are two add-ons included in the ReadyNAS Duo namely, ReadyNAS Photos and Bit Torrent. The ReadyNAS Photos allows you to share photos with select users on the Internet through the ReadyNAS photo-share site. Simply install the ReadyNAS Photos software which is available on the ReadyNAS site, and you will be able to share photos located in your Pictures folder.

The NETGEAR also incorporates Bit Torrent technology which enables peer-to-peer file sharing and allows the ReadyNAS Duo to queue and download files unattended.

In addition, the ReadyNAS Duo provides various multimedia offering such as the iTunes server and a media server that is compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Sony PlayStation 3, the Logitech Squeezebox, and other UPnP AV-enabled network media device. Another notable feature is the ReadyNAS Duo Backup Manager which allows the unit to become a powerful backup appliance. Backup tasks can be controlled directly from the device without the need for a client-based backup application. With the flexibility to support incremental backups over CIFS/SMB, NFS, and rsync protocols, and full backups over FTP and HTTP protocols, the ReadyNAS Duo can act as a simple central storage for both home and small office environments.

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