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Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita Review


Need for Speed: Most Wanted offers a lot of fun driving in a playground of a city, and for the Vita, it works very well. With fun gameplay, impressively expansive features for a handheld console and beautiful graphics, this game should not be overlooked. The game admittedly feels a little unstructured. Most racing games have a distinct ladder to climb, going from event to event until the game is completed; Most Wanted instead just presents you with opportunities and lets you do as you wish. If you sit down for hours with it, you'll eventually feel as if the game is missing direction, but for a game played on the go, this is exactly what you want. If you plan on getting this game, I recommend the Vita version above others.

David F.
A grad student in experimental physics, David is fascinated by science, space and technology. When not buried in lecture books, he enjoys movies, gaming and mountainbiking

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