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NEC unveils Atom-powered tablet running Windows 7 for business users

Mention the words 'tablet PC' to most consumers and chances are the mental image they will conjure about such a device is one that runs on ARM processors and comes preloaded with an operating system that is anything but Microsoft's Windows. While that may be true in the consumer space, it would appear that things are notably different in the enterprise space; apparently, there is enough demand for tablets running on Windows 7 for NEC to justify rolling out its own Windows-powered tablet for business users. Japan, meet NEC's VesaPro Type VT slate PC.

Let's not deny it; Windows 7 is an astounding operating system that works wonders on almost any PC available on the market today. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the relatively high hardware requirements and touch-unfriendly user interface of its OS means that Windows 7 is essentially a no-go as far as consumer tablets are concerned, especially when touchscreen computing is starting to become mainstream for highly mobile devices.

However, things are usually different in the enterprise space, and based on the looks of it, tablets loaded with Windows 7 are apparently doing well enough in various areas for OEMs to justify their continued production. More importantly, it seems that NEC is keen to carve out a slice of the business tablet market for itself as well, having just launched its own Windows 7-powered tablet, the VersaPro Type VT, today in Japan.

As most of us will undoubtedly know by now, Windows is incapable of running on any other processor architecture that is not x86 or x86-64 based. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that the VersaPro Touch VT will be powered by Intel's Atom processor. To be more specific, it will be Intel's recently-launched Z670 Oak Trail processor that will be providing the computational horsepower needed to run Windows 7 smoothly on the NEC VersaPro Type VT. Clocked at 1.5GHz, Intel claims that the Z670 processor has been specially designed for use on tablets and is supposed to be capable of supporting 1080p video playback with some help from the onboard Intel GMA 600 graphics core; as such it should be powerful enough to support a desktop-grade operating system like Windows 7 without any major performance hiccups. 

In addition, NEC has also announced that the VersaPro Type VT sports a 10.1-inch touchscreen display that has a native resolution of 1280 x 800, is pre-loaded with the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Professional, and will feature a user-removable battery pack. Last but definitely not least, the company also claims that the tablet utilizes a 64GB SSD for data storage purposes and can be used with a docking station to provide a desktop-esque experience for the user, as shown in the image below:

The NEC VersaPro Type VT is expected to be available for purchase by business users in summer, with the pricing to be confirmed at a later date.

Source: NEC, VersaPro Type VT product page

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