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NASA is livestreaming a spacewalk!

NASA has deployed astronauts on an impromptu spacewalk to repair the ISS after discovering a leak two days ago. They are streaming the walk live on UStream.

After discovering some curious white flakes drifting away from the ISS two days ago, NASA has already deployed astronauts on a spacewalk to investigate and repair what is apparently a problem with the space station’s ammonia liquid cooling system. While not being a potentially fatal problem, it is serious enough to warrant an immediate repair.

Immediate really is the word here: This spacewalk has set a record as the fastest ever extravehicular activity to go from the planning table to actually being carried out. Astronauts Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn haven’t even had the time to be briefed on the repair, meaning they’re receiving step by step instructions on the fly from mission control. This isn’t any reason for concern though; astronauts plan for this sort of procedure and while there is about 6.5 hours of work ahead of them, it shouldn’t be too problematic for them.


So is there any good news to come from a leak on the ISS? Well, thanks to NASA, we can all watch the spacewalk live. NASA is streaming the entire spacewalk live via UStream, and you can tune in below!



Live stream videos at Ustream

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