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Nakamichi launches 3 In-ear headphones with microphone

Nakamichi has launched 3 In-Ear Stereo Headphones with Microphones with each model aimed at smartphone users of different music preferences.

Nakamichi, a company popular for audio gadgets has launched 3 in-ear stereo earphones, the K109 Mic, K119 Mic and the MV7 Mic. All 3 earphones, as their names suggest, are equipped with microphones for smartphone users looking to get better sound than their stock earphones. Lets take a quick look at the features and differences of the lineup.

Aimed at smartphone users looking for a quality output for their media while on the go, Nakamichi has set itself apart from regular aftermarket earphones with the inclusion of a line control with microphone, a feature on regular stock earphones, but unavailable on most aftermarket earphones. In addition, instead of the usual plastic housings, Nakamichi has also choosen to use a alloy metal housing to improve durability of the earphones. Other than those similarities, all 3 earphones produce sound via two (One on each side, obviously!) 10mm dynamic drivers.

However, despite all 3 earphones packing 10mm drivers, they all produce sound that caters to different preferences. The K109 Mic focuses on the vocals of singers, while the K119 Mic focuses on strong bass and the MV7 Mic focuses on higher sensitivity for contemporary music.

The Nakamichi earphones are now available at HMV, Soundwave, Connect-IT and other premium Nakamichi authorized reseller stores in Singapore for the following prices (inclusive of GST):

K109 Mic    S$ 39.90
K119 Mic    S$ 59.90
MV7 Mic      S$ 89.90

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