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Mystery LG smartphone leaked, might be the Optimus G2

This morning @evleaks posted a picture of a premium looking smartphone with LG branded on it. Might this be the LG Optimus G2?

@evleaks tweeted some interesting pictures earlier this morning. The two images showed us a thin bezel donning LG branded smartphone, which many suspect to be the Optimus G2. The Optimus G2 would be the successor to the popular Optimus G smartphone introduced late in 2012. What really caught everyone's attention was the beautiful design and compact body (despite packing a 4.7 inch display). Looks like LG wants to continue that trend with their next handset featured in today's leak which shows a completely new design approach by LG. Note the lack of any physical buttons as well as the tiny bezel on the sides and top of the device.


A fresh report from South Korean website etnews suggests that the leaked LG smartphone will have it's (missing) home button and volume rocker buttons at the back of the device. This comes as a real surprise especially from design point of view as no other smartphone in history has such an implementation of the home button. The publication goes on to say that this has been done to maximise user convenience (we can't imagine that yet) and help make the smartphone slimmer.

TheDroidGuy made an attempt to measure the size of the leaked device and found it to be roughly 2.5 inch by 5 inches suggesting a maximum of 5.5 inches diagonal for the display. That makes this device more of a successor to the Optimus G Pro rather than the smaller and more compact Optimus G.

Could this be the Nexus 5?

Many people are taking the liberty to proclaim this leaked device as the upcoming Nexus 5. Well, they could be both correct and incorrect at the same time. As we remember from the Nexus 4, the device was a complete departure from the design of the latest LG Optimus G while packing the same internal features (bar a microSD card slot, damn you Google). This could be the case with LG's freshly leaked handset and the Nexus 5 as well. We completely expect the Nexus 5 to pack a 5 inch 1080p display, quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM, and of course the latest iteration of Android OS on board.

Source: TDG & ITProPortal

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