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Mysterious new teaser trailer points to possible March 27 reveal of Battlefield 4

A new trailer has been released that teases at potential undersea submarine battles in Battlefield 4, and also teases at a possible March 27th reveal.

A new mysterious teaser trailer has recently made its way onto the internet that seems to point to Battlefield 4, the next chapter in EA's popular military FPS franchise. 

The teaser, which emphasizes the slogan "Prepare 4 Battle", is very brief and we only see a snippet of content yet the footage points to the possible inclusion of undersea submarine battles in the next Battlefield title.

The teaser also mentions March 27, 2013, which may very well point to an official reveal for Battlefield 4.

This supposition actually ties in with the recent rumors of EA revealing the new title during an invitation-only event held at this year's Game Developer's Conference. The event is slated for the night of March 26, and many gaming outlets believe that the publisher is planning on showcasing footage from Battlefield 4 during the affair.

The rumor isn't just based on guesswork, but rather based on a few clues:

  • The invites have a blue/orange color scheme that is very similar to official Battlefield-related artwork.
  • The recent comments made by Gamestop's CEO after seeing a private demo of Battlefield 4.
  • EA's comment in a January earnings call that information on Battlefield 4 would be revealed in "about 90 days", which coincides with the March 26th event.

It will be interesting to see what EA has in store with Battlefield 4, and how much impact the undersea battles have in both multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay. In any case, we'll most likely hear more when EA releases more information and a possible official reveal later this week.

For more information be sure to visit Battlefield's official website on March 27, 2013.

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