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Must See: VR-Zone Experience @ SITEX 2015


Its official, visitors to SITEX simply love the VR-Zone Experience Zone!

Situated in the middle of the hall, the Experience Zone is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of pushy salespeople, flashy lights and loud emcee’s.

Throughout the day, souls weary of the trek through the SITEX halls have stopped off at the Experience Zone to try one of a number of activities.

This being a VR-Zone project, it’s understandable that the Virtual Reality zone was the most popular with the Oculus Rift DK2 setup we had, by and away the most popular. Young and old, people from all walks of life oooh’d and aahhh’d as they tried virtual reality for the first time immersing themselves into a virtual world with a greater degree of interactivity than ever before.

“It was like being in another world, I have never seen anything like this before,” 45 year old Adrian Tham tells us.

For the gamers out there, our Razer powered console gaming stations with games like Star Wars: Battlefront saw gaming aficionados jostling for their turn on the controller. It was a treat to see passionate Star Wars fans really getting into the action of a Galaxy Far Far Away.

For PC gamers, the Experience Zone did not disappoint either with Asus showing off its best hardware, including a first-in-Singapore gaming PC with the Nvidia GT980Ti Gold edition graphics card capable of running any game out there at the highest of quality. Asus staff were also on hand to show off its new sleek and sexy desktop series.

Many a curious computer geek asked to open up the cases to get a look at the innards within. We were only too happy to comply of course.

“This is great inspiration for building my own rig,” says Stewart Lee, a student.

Another big draw was the power cube, an award winning power socket adaptors that lets you customize and enhance your power sockets at home with incredible permutations and combinations.

What people also loved was the fact that everything, save a few exception like Oculus, was available for purchase there and then.

The idea behind this is one that Terence, VR Zone’s founder calls the “cache”. Basically, [email protected] is a new initiative but the long-established media company to allow people to try and discover a device organically before making the actual purchase.

“I think the model is good and if today’s results are anything to go by, Cache is looking to be a great success,” he says.

The Experience Zone is here to stay and with lots more SITEX action still to come, we invite you to drop by at Expo Hall 5 Booth 5K05 and experience the most fun place on the SITEX floor.

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