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Multiple Multithreaded Core

We can start seeing the trend in the microprocessor development going towards TLP (Thread Level Parallelism) technology and packing more cores into a processor. In the future, the focus will be on TPC (Threads per clock) and not so much of IPC (Instructions per clock). The chip makers are starting to battle out on how many threads the CPU can process in 1 cycle. This is probably the way how the efficiency of the CPU should be measured. Intel is going to introduce Dual and Multi cores processors into their Itanium, Xeon, Desktop and Pentium M series. Starting from 2005, we can expect to see Dual core Montecito and Multi core Tanglewood in 2006 within the Itanium series and Dual core Tulsa in the Xeon series. AMD too has plans to make Multi core Opterons in the near future and is exploring its own implementation of SMT technology like what Intel has done with their Hyper-Threading technology. Other chip makers like IBM is implementing SMT + Dual core into their Power5 processor and same goes to UltracSparc IV of Fujitsu and Sun SPARC64 VI.

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