In this section we will explore the action in and around the LOTES LGA1155 socket.

The motherboard is cooled with a small heatsink for the PCH and a blue heatpipe cooler for the MOSFETs.


CPU voltage regulation is serviced by a space saving 11 phase Renasas Driver MOS (R2J20655BNP), each capable of 35A below 100 degrees celcius and switching at 1000Hz. The use of Super Ferrite Chokes and Hi-C capacitors is also said to bring higher efficiencies and longer lifespan.


uPI semiconductor's uP1618A (6+2 Phase Buck Controller)


As expected from an enthusiast motherboard, there are voltage probe points for reading the common overclocking variables and onboard power/reset switches. If you are not into fine-tuning your system, the "OC Genie II" button should automatically set a conservative overclock when activated.


When the system is in operation, there are LED lights indicating the number of power phases in use.