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MSI Unveils GX660 And GT660 Ultimate Gaming Laptops

MSI GX660 GT660

MSI has announced two laptops for the hardcore gamers, the GX660 and GT660, which claim to be the ultimate gaming machines on the planet. Both are equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 quad core processor and top end discrete graphics cards – GX660 comes with ATi HD5870 while GT660 features GTX285M discrete graphics card.

MSI’s latest offerings come in the form of GX660 and GT660 gaming laptops that feature Intel Core i7 quad core CPU and powerful discrete graphics card to provide the solid gaming experience you desire.

The GT660 is equipped with nVidia’s GTX285M discrete graphics card, while the GX660 packs ATi HD5870 discrete graphics card to run your latest 3D games without hiccup.

According to the maker, when the game settings is set to “Ultra Detail”, the GT660 and GX660 can operate at approximately 55 to 70fps for real-time strategy 3D games involving large numbers of troops with excellent details, which top most high-end and gaming laptops on the market currently at 30fps.

In terms of sound, the GT660 incorporate a superb audio system designed by Dynaudio in cooperation with MSI for realistic and clear audio experience. For the GX660, it features virtual 5.1 channel wrap-around sound that can be played on dual-channel speakers or headsets, bring theatre-class sound.

Source: MSI

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