MSI is teasing a Lightning infused edition of the recently launched Geforce GTX780 (aka mini-Titan, GK110).

As you’ve read in our previous reviews of the MSI Lightning cards (see GTX 680, HD 7970) , these cards are:

  • Yellow themed
  • Factory overclocked
  • Custom overclocking-oriented PCB design, including a beefier VRM circuitry with a fully digital PWM
  • “GPU Reactor” capacitors for higher core overclocks
  • Extended voltage/boost headroom with their Afterburner overclocking utility
  • Special LN2 bios switch for subzero cooling (removes some checks and limits)
  • Excellent Twin Frozr heatpipe cooler


MSI also had their latest GTX 770 Lightning (above) and GTX770/780 Gaming Edtion (below) graphics cards on show.



The Gaming edition cards come with “Predator” for in-game video capture, support for streaming services like Twitch.tv  and auto-overclocking features (within stable limits) with their own Gaming edition motherboards.